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2013 Late Bottled Vintage Port, Niepoort

2013 Late Bottled Vintage Port, Niepoort

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Niepoort made both a 'full' vintage wine and an LBV in this sensational harvest, and this 'younger sibling' is a wonderful example that Dirk feels could age further for a couple of decades! Aged four year in oak vats, released ready to drink. Hard to resist now - fresh, floral on the nose; a palate packed with blackberries and dark plum. Rich fruit backed by ripe, integrated tannins. First Class Port.

Dirk Niepoort is a man committed to quality and broadening horizons, combining centuries-old tradition with innovation. Quality is key here; all grapes are hand-picked and grapes are foot trodden in lagares (one of the few places that still do), but the wines have a purity and class that larger houses cannot manage at these prices. Heno longer buys in any grapes at all, having decided the quality wasn't good enough for what he wanted for his LBV. A good glass of Port is a wondrous thing on a chilly day, especially as an aperitif (as it is more often than not used as on the continent); remind yourself of what it should taste like! Perfect for salty cheeses; the Niepoorts serve with pepper steak!

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