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2016 Viognier Sensazioni Monferrato Bianco, Agricola Ferraris

2016 Viognier Sensazioni Monferrato Bianco, Agricola Ferraris

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The Ferraris story begins in nineteenth century when Luca’s great-grandfather Luigi emigrated to America during the gold rush and sent what he mined back to his wife in Italy to purchase a house and land. In 1923 his son purchased the four hectare vineyard called Il Casot, and begun to make and sell his own wine. Luca's father inherited these vines but worked in Turin, so sold the grapes to the local cooperative until 1999, when Luca took over the reins, restoring the old cellar and starting to make his own wine from the vineyards.

Of the seven municipalities where the Ruchè was found, Luca was the first to thin vineyards to improve their quality. He is now the region's largest grower, with just 18 hectares proucing some 80,000 bottles annually, and has even collaborated with Randall Grahm of Bonny Doon in California to extract the most from this highly characterful variety. It is naturally high in aromatic terpenes for a red variety (look it up!), adding many floral qualities to the dark fruit.

Luca has been the one and only grower to plant this French variety in Piedmont, producing the first vintage of 4,000 bottles back in 2008. Vinification takes place at about 18 degrees after soft pressing of the grapes. The wine is left to settle for about 12 months in stainless steel tanks where we carry out a weekly battonage, stirring the lees in the wine to prevent oxidation and keep fresh aromas.

A rich, but fine Viognier. Lovely nose of white flower, ripe peach, stone fruits – quite exotic. Enough acidity to keep things interesting this will support a whole array of meats, cheese and stronger flavoured fish.

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    Agricola Ferraris
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