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2017 Campana Blanc, Ch. Beauregard-Mirouze

2017 Campana Blanc, Ch. Beauregard-Mirouze

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70% Marsanne, 30% Roussanne from north-facing vines, giving delicacy to the wine and preventing overripeness. Lovely delicate apple fruit, notes of fresh ginger and blossom. Drinks like a fresher Rhône white - delicacy perfect for seafood or white meat.

Husband and wife team Karine (cellar) and Nicolas Mirouze (vineyards) took over the family estate in 1999 and set about turning a bulk outlook, where quantity took precedence over quality, into a much smaller operation where quality was put first, second and third.  They have reduced the area farmed from 50 hectares to 25, and reversed the damage that years of high production methods had taken on the soil; now 100% organic, the soil, like their grapes, is full of life and vitality. ‘The longer growing season is the key to our wines’, Karine explained of her hillside vines, ‘we pick up to 10 days later than our neighbours down in the valleys because of the cooler nights, which, ultimately allows us to produce more complex and refined wines’.  Vines grow on the shallow, sandy soils, and the dry Tramontane wind (like the ‘Cape Doctor’ in South Africa) helps prevent mildew and related diseases; vines are forced to dig deep through the limestone bedrock for nutrients, adding complexity to their grapes.

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    Ch. Beauregard-Mirouze
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