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2017 Grillo Bio, Cantina Paolini

2017 Grillo Bio, Cantina Paolini

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Highly distinctive; fresh and fragrant white packed with pear, lime and ripe apple fruit. Full of vitality and freshness.

A co-operative set up in 1964, today they number some 800 growers controlling about 2,500 hectares of vines around Marsala and western Sicily. This is a classic example of what can happen when a pretty ordinary operation decides to modernise, and generally completely revitalise, their range of wines.  Under oenologist Pietro Montalto soils are fertilised with infusions of organically produced herbs and legumes. Holdings average just 3 hectares, allowing hand-harvesting; pretty much unheard of at this price level from co-operative! No sulphur is used or added at any stage in the making of these two wines, and local character shines through in every glass; stock up!

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    Cantina Paolini
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