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2018 Gundian Albarino, Adega Valdes

2018 Gundian Albarino, Adega Valdes

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What is it about the frequently overcast Galician skies that so suit the Albariño grape? The lush, green, often wet countryside that rolls into north Portugal provides a damp climate that needs a thick skin, which this distinctive white grape has, that also equips it well for ageing if you believe the locals. Personally, I prefer the fragrant lift and natural acidity Albariño serves up in its youth, with purity and minerality that just sings with fresh shellfish and simple fish dishes.The vineyards at Adega Valdes overlook the River Ulla which provides a superb vista and also helps even out the growing season, ensuring that grapes are beautifully ripe and correct when harvested, and this balance is evident in the wine itself. I just love this wine - at 12.5 degrees it has sufficient body but doesn't feel heavy; the nose is an enticing combination of ripe peach, stone fruits and zippy minerality. The palate is clean, balanced and fresh and this continues through on the finish making it an ideal summer wine and particularly good with seafood. Bravo the Familia Valdes, this is really good, honest Albariño.

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    Adega Valdes
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