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About Us

Welcome to Ten-Acre Wines Limited. We hope that via our website, our expertise, our enthusiasm and our range of hand-selected wines we will encourage you to escape the clutches of the supermarkets and mass market, mail order ‘wine clubs’ to discover a world where quality and individuality need not just mean ‘expensive’.

Who are we?

  • Brian Peacock first joined the wine trade in 1978 and spent his formative years learning from some great palates who used to supply the good and the great in Cambridge and Oxford, ending up as wine buyer at the award-winning La Réserve wine merchants in London, and for a time this small independent chain had one of the finest selections in the country. In 2004, he decided that the time was right to go his own way and formed Ten-Acre Wines. Why Ten-Acre? Brian grew up on a fruit farm, and this was the name of a favourite family orchard. The trees were tall, and the picking difficult, but the fruit was always the sweetest.
  • Jo Burns is Sales Manager at Ten-Acre. A former La Réserve Manager, he rejoined Brian in 2006 following a hiatus with Fine & Rare Wines. Having reached the conclusion that he was happier selling wines he had tasted and enjoyed, all it took was the offer of a damp warehouse and a corkscrew to get him back on board!

Why buy from us?

  • Between us we have decades of wine buying knowledge and experience using our palates and skills to find those wines that stand out from the crowd and then bring these wines directly to you.
  • Wine is what we do, it’s our passion, and we spend all our time looking for wines that offer quality, individuality and value to our customers. We don’t deal in anonymous wines sourced from vast corporations where the only difference is between label colours; our customers demand value and quality, but they also want their wines to have vitality and a sense of place.
  • We are committed to providing a personal, professional service tailored to your requirements, with next-day national delivery and gift services available on request. Expert advice direct from real wine merchants; no more call centre nightmares - we are always available to chat about our wines and tailor a tasting case for you, or help you plan a cellar. Our goal is to help you drink the best without breaking the bank.

Our Range

  • We aim to offer the best quality at the best prices we can, and source the wines we love direct from the producer and from other specialist importers that care as much as we do.
  • Information and knowledge are key to making good decisions so if our site seems a little ‘wordy’ compared to some it’s because we take what we do seriously. If our knowledge and professionalism enables you to have a better glass of wine or a better dinner party then we’re doing our job properly.
  • From classical Grand Crus to exciting new ‘everyday’ wines we are passionate about what we do and the wines we list. Try and you will notice the difference.

Limited Offers

  • We regularly offer genuine discounts on across our range; real savings on quality wines, not manufactured price deals seen on supermarket shelves. Unlike some web-based ‘merchants’ we do not offer bogus discounts on drab drinking - every wine carries the Ten-Acre stamp of approval. To join our limited offers email list click here.

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